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Their classes and workshops are noted for their clarity, humour and high spirits!

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Stream 2 is Intermediate/Advanced; open to those with at least some months of shag experience, attending classes, open practices, and social dancing regularly.

Advanced dancers of other swing styles with just a month or two shag experience may be able to do this stream. so those doing stream 1, can switch to stream 2 for any OPEN LEVEL workshop.

Lance is a passionate historian and has studied many dance styles from throughout history and has been affectionately dubbed ‘a dance chameleon’ because of his unique ability to embody the different dance styles with amazing accuracy.

Based in Southern California, they are highly in-demand, sharing their passion for the great classic dances of the Swing Era.

This is so that a couple with child/ren can share the pass and the responsibility of caring for the child/ren.

While one parent is looking after the child the other can be at workshops or socials.

She teaches regularly around the Los Angeles area, as well as at dance exchanges and workshop weekends around the country.

Lauren is sought after as a swing DJ and competition judge.

Lance Benishek is the unassuming driving force behind the current resurgence of Shag and is our link to the dance’s history and roots.

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