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Going out with girls involve a lot of planning around everyone's schedules.But Sheetal says she still makes the effort because girls' night outs are a lot of fun.

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Gentlemen of India, are you tired of striking out time and time again when you approach a woman at a bar or a party?

But if that’s not you, if your success rate is less than stellar, if you aren’t a super model, if you hear “no thanks” much more than you see a bright smile light up a woman’s face…then please read on. So if you aren’t a hottie and don’t have amazing social skills and style, the task of meeting a woman is going to be an uphill climb my friends.

Then, if you add on top of that the fact that every woman is different, so you can’t use a standard ‘move’ to attract all women, things are even more complicated.

"On the nights that I go out, however, I try to go to as many pubs as possible-B-Flat, Pebbles, City Bar, Tavern," she says.

Meghna herself has made it a point to keep the girls' night at Bachhus on Friday, because she feels there will be more girls coming in at the start of the weekend rather than midweek.

Well, I have a little secret to share with you: women are equally frustrated by being hit on in the most inappropriate ways!

Don’t get me wrong, I know that some of you gentlemen absolutely have James Bond style and sex appeal and know how to attract our attention with just a look and a smile. Although the better looking you are the better your chances are – not fair, I know, but it’s the truth and that’s life.

Model Jackie Shetty, for example, prefers the 13th Floor on the eponymous floor of Barton Centre on MG Road because she feels she can let her hair down there.

Meghna Vadaka, who part-owns the F&B group of restaurants which includes La Patisserie, Global Tree café and the Jacket Room, says she prefers her own lounge bar, Bachhus, to chill out.

Most said they preferred it because of the feeling of space it afforded- the pub holds the dubious distinction of being the highest place in Bangalore where you can order a drink. I like Skyye Lounge because it's open, and a lot more comfortable than other places around.

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