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Therapy also helps people to recognize and access their strength, autonomy, and capacity for change.

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Both environmental and physiological factors can cause depression.

Most mental health experts now agree that brain chemistry plays a major role.

Regardless of the approach, a trained therapist can help a person view a depressive state with curiosity and without judgment, in an effort to understand and heal the source of the depression.

In fact, many times simply identifying the source of depression can enhance treatment outcomes and provide some relief from depression.

All antidepressants are associated with certain side effects that may or may not improve with time; many times the side effects are considered by the person in treatment to be a worthwhile compromise, particularly when depression is severe enough to include suicidal thoughts or self-harm behaviors.

While antidepressants alone cannot address the emotional and psychological causes of depression, they may help improve talk therapy treatment outcomes.

Women who have recently given birth may struggle with postpartum depression in the days, weeks, or months following childbirth.

Depression’s symptoms are distinct from the symptoms associated with grief, when feeling emotionally overwhelmed is normal and temporary.

Depression may be indicated when feelings of sadness and despair disrupt daily life and persist for more than two weeks.

Those who have experienced trauma or are prone to anxiety may be more likely to experience depression than those who have not, and research suggests that some people may be biologically predisposed to depression due to neurochemical abnormalities.

Depression may cause feelings of tension or irritation and may lead to weepiness, and it is not uncommon to feel intensely fatigued without relief.

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