Dating breaking up your best friend

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READ: 'Relationship problems with our close friends can be as painful as with a lover' But, when I think about my former best friend, I still feel a tinge of sadness.

We never had a proper ‘break up’, so I didn’t just go into a grieving period and move on.

Maybe they’re single and thinking in terms of romantic love.

But I’m inclined to think that these are some of the same people who said they don’t have a close friend. It’s why I secretly hope she reads this article and doesn’t just think I’m stuck in the past, but gets it.

When I was there spending time with him, it was rarely just the two of us.

My boyfriend and I, plus a score of other people were in and out constantly.

I might have howled into ice cream at the time, thinking I’d be alone forever, but that faded.

Four years on, I don’t really think much about him and I’m happy with someone else.

But it’s solid, safe and smells of Earl Grey, toast and loads of chocolate. That’s why it’s so bloody hard when you fall apart, or let the friendship peter out just because you’re too busy focusing on your own life.

Nick and I met during my junior year of college when his cousin, Dave, invited me to a party they were attending. I was actually seeing someone else at the time, so the thought of anything romantic didn’t even cross our minds.

She had been one of my closest friends ever since we were 14 and ran around her garden in nighties, pretending we were starring in Pride and Prejudice.

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