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You could go out without carrying so much as a AA battery and the ubiquitous surveillance cameras of modern life will be able to identify you.

N-Tech was able to bolster its claims to such a title, however, when it won a large dataset facial recognition competition organized by researchers at the University of Washington last year.

Dozens of teams competed in the contest called “Megaface,” using a dataset of a million photos, and a team from Mountain View came in second place.

Then, “if Facebook actually publicly used the tool, well … It’s ridiculous how many profiles I find using my face or others,” Dr. By “others” he means the many other men he’s come to know whose photos are also frequently used in these scams.

‘Maybe it will be a problem for social networks, not for us’ “There are large databases of popularly used photos,” he told us.

Other companies can recognize people, but they are slower and have smaller sets of faces. ‘Facial recognition is a huge privacy threat’ “So we can use commodity, cheap hardware,” he explained.

Their competitors take far more measurements on images than N-Tech does, whose file for a biometric reading of a face takes up about only one kilobyte of memory (effectively, nothing at all), Mr. The company is doing 50 recognitions per second using Amazon Web Services, right now.Right now, the site only uses the database of Russian social network, VK, to find faces and profiles to match with, so if you aren’t on there, Find Face can’t find you yet.A Canadian professor of educational technology, Dr.It looks like that’s going to quickly change, which would mean lots more kinds of enterprises using it.Stick around: the following gets into catfishing, porn actresses and a scary new era of public surveillance. Kabakov and the company’s CEO, Artem Kukharenko, said that Find Face demonstrates the prowess of N-Tech’s facial recognition technology.The dating app (pictured) partnered with Los Angeles-based Three Day Rule to let its members upgrade to the premium service from their existing accounts. S, and the technology is also not currently available for lesbian, gay and bisexual users Although there aren't precise details on how Three Day Rule's technology works, facial recognition systems (illustrated) generally compare selected facial features from a photograph with a database.

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