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I was like: It felt like one of the most honest depictions of that kind of interracial relationship for people in our age group.

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” and I’m like, “It’s ‘cause I’m black.” So I kind of want her to see the film because I feel like then she would be able understand the feeling I have sometimes when these things happen.

Sarah has even said some of the lines in the movie to me — like when the police pulled them over, and Rose [Williams’s character] says “Nobody fucks with my man.” Every time some weird or uncomfortable or racist shit happens, that’s exactly what Sarah says.

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And when I’m interacting with his parents it’s very different than when I’m interacting with him.

I remember Matt told me about them one time and he was like, “My dad’s racist!” and I was like, “Oh my gosh, I can never go over.” So at the beginning of the relationship I was really reluctant to have a conversation with his parents when he wasn’t around. Jordana: We did have a talk about the film that night.At this point in the relationship I’m a little bit more comfortable, but it’s still a little bit scary. He was talking about what it felt like to feel different or like an outsider, and saying that he feels that way all the time.It doesn’t convince people that you can actually relate to what they go through. I was thinking about it the whole time, like, This could actually be me and Sarah.Bilali, black, 26 (his girlfriend Sarah, who is white, has not yet seen the film). Because she’s super Waspy, she has that exact family size, dad’s super successful, mom’s really artistic but also eclectic.Jordan Peele’s acclaimed horror-comedy about a black man who finds himself in a nightmare while visiting his white girlfriend’s suburban family — is the kind of film that gets under your skin, using horror-film tropes to illuminate the daily terror of being black in a white world. Teana: Right after the movie we kind of joked around about it.

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