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I don’t know which is scarier—CEOs being aided and abetted by the LAPD in learning how to run their businesses more like a criminal enterprise or the fact that my police department was so eager to appease these CEOs that they put unknowing civilians lives in danger not to mention their own officers just to make it happen.

Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck recently made headline news when he criticized the Google Waze app for endangering the lives of officers.

In July 1934, she was appointed the Los Angeles Police Department historian, a post she held until her retirement on November 1, 1940. Alice Stebbins Wells fought for the idea that women, as regular members of municipal police departments, are particularly well-qualified to perform protective and preventive work among juveniles and female criminals. This "temporary home" facility grew to include care for pregnant women, often left destitute as a result of the father's jail confinement or abandonment.

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While it may seem that Boxer Enriquez has already been paroled by Governor Jerry Brown given last week’s book signing soirée, the fact is he’s still an inmate of the CDCR—hence the need for the high level of security in transporting him from Orange County into downtown Los Angeles and throughout the duration of the event.

And even though YPO is willing to now pay for the cost of Enriquez’s appearance, had there been an attempt to spring him from custody or worse assassinate him, no amount of money could have brought back to life any civilian or officer killed in the process.

In 1909, Los Angeles social worker Alice Stebbins Wells petitioned Mayor George Alexander and the City Council, requesting that an ordinance providing for a Los Angeles Policewoman be adopted.

Not only was the measure passed, but on September 12, 1910, Mrs.

A man one could argue who unless he is going to court or his own mother’s funeral should not be getting escorted as if he were a visiting president to a posh shindig complete with valet parking and catering where he is the guest of honor.

Contrary to the false and misleading statements provided by the department after the story broke in the news, this was not an event to “inform and create awareness” for local police officials and help the private sector attendees “think about developing different strategies” to counter criminal enterprise activity.Robinson just happens to be a reserve officer for the Hawthorne Police Department and a major financial supporter of the LAPD’s pet project Operation Progress Los Angeles.According to the LAPD, the group which refers to itself as “the world’s premier network of chief executives,” originally asked if the department could help them talk to someone who had experience “building a transnational criminal enterprise.” Why would executives from companies that include The Los Angeles Times, Fox Broadcasting Company, Verengo Solar, Wells Fargo Bank, MGM Studio, The Walt Disney Company, CBRE and more need to hear from anyone—let alone a convicted killer in protective custody—on how to build a transnational criminal enterprise?willing to pay for their meet-and-greet and book signing with former Mexican Mafia shot caller and hitman Rene “Boxer” Enriquez is beside point.What is more troubling and can’t be fixed with a check and a statement admitting that “mistakes were made” is that a group of business leaders were able to use their influence and money to get an audience with a man allegedly in the custody of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.Next time it could be the Westside or maybe even the San Fernando Valley if the price is right.

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