Marriage after six months of dating exclusive dating sites for women

As the next couple of months went by nothing changed, and the force that grew like blazing wildfire was still burning strong. I'd been down this avenue before, and it had never worked.

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I liked beer, and drank the same real beer that he drank -- Budweiser. That's what you do when you really like someone that you just met. This one was different -- I could just feel it in my bones. Obviously only one thing stood out on the forefront, through the mist of Jägermeister brain fog. I remember thinking, “If he never talks to me again, then at least I tried.”Me (via text message): “I wish it was already Sunday.”Almost as quickly as I'd hit send I got a reply: “Why do we have to wait? I'd never done that before, but then again, no one had ever made me feel that way.

We were both golfers (I'd played varsity in high school), and we couldn't keep our eyes off of each other. I want to see you tonight.”My heart inevitably skipped a beat. To say the rest was history would be the understatement of the year. I learned everything about him, he learned everything about me, and every person that we knew could see the force that was getting stronger by the day. Once he came into my life I felt like I could do anything.

That was my downfall, still is, but luckily Michael helped me with that.

That night after we left, we went back to the same bar where we'd met.

Been married now for 8 years and loving it more each year!! That probably works better than to just date on and on and then decide time is running out or that after so much time of dating they should just marry.

I'm very skeptical of proposals that happen before the 6 month mark.

There, at the bar that we both loved (where probably every staff member cringed seeing the two craziest lushes they knew together), we ran into a friend of Michael's. That same smile that I knew would change my life, “I can't imagine anything else I would want more than that.”That very same week, after telling both our parents, we went down to the courthouse and got a marriage license that the ordained minister friend signed for us.

The same friend who was also coincidentally an ordained minister. The same one that's framed in our bedroom now over five years later.

I'm sure they thought that I was a tad insane, but I cleaned up well and brought food.

I also did my best to watch my mouth, smile and tried really hard not to interrupt.

He supported me, believed in me, and learned to love me despite my craziness, bitchiness, insecurities, potty mouth, inappropriate behavior at times, and all of the things that most men had accused me of doing "wrong" on several occasions. The two of us had been so joined at the hip that he asked me to go to Thanksgiving with him at his mother's house.

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