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One week later, matrigel plugs were collected and stained with hematoxylin and eosin (panels a and b).Panel a, VEGF alone (control); panel b, VEGF plus ACR.Fuzz is OK, but if the fibers are cut, the strength of the webbing is greatly diminished.

Thoroughly inspect your entire rack once or twice a year; it’s better to shell out than to be run out above gear you wished you’d replaced. Ropes represent a critical single point of failure (a non-redundant aspect of the system, e.g.

a belay biner or a belay device), so special attention is warranted.

'Parallel House' is in fact two elegant Georgian buildings, adjoining each other and sited close to the commercial heart of Guildford.

Furnished in contrasting styles - modern and traditional - they provide a real choice of work environments.

One common sign of wear is for a rope to lose its elasticity — and thus its ability to absorb fall forces — and become stiff.

Falling onto a stiff rope means higher forces are generated on the system, a situation that contributes to gear shearing, pulling, or breaking, especially small or marginal trad gear, or ice screws.

According to several mechanical engineers, climbing hardware (biners, cams, nuts) is almost always safe unless it displays obvious faults such as cracks, deep gouges, or doesn’t function smoothly.

The following tips can serve as parameters for when to retire your gear, but as with all things climbing, use good judgment — if you doubt a piece, replace it.

VISIT SITE Arranged over four floors, the property has on-site parking.

Serviced offices from one person up are available singly or as suites for larger teams.

The basement has a fully equipped kitchen, residents' lounge, shower and secure document storage.

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