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- Oct 24, 2012 - added commands for systemd instead of init For one reason or another, people may desire to rid themselves of network manager.

WICD is an alternative, but due to a lack of development, WICD may or may not fall to the wayside soon.

If you use ASCI, you have to prepend "s:" to the key, like this Roaming configuration, helpers: For people who actually take their laptops with them, constantly editing a text file isn't the best of options.

The /e/n/i config would then look like this: update_config=1 ctrl_interface=DIR=/var/run/wpa_supplicant GROUP=netdev # This one is for connecting to any unsecured network your machine comes into contect with, just comment out if you don't like this: network= # The actual roaming settings go here: network= network=When I first tried to connect to wifi with ifupdown and wpa-roam/wpa_gui, the network connected okay, but without the config of an IP address.

So had to type in 'dhclient wlan0' just to make it usable.

As per ethernet, My own /e/n/i has simply: OK, I've tried this a few different ways.

I've alternatively set my router to use both WEP and WPA and tried to connect using the STATIC config shown for e/n/i above.

It's not a major problem, since both WICD and NM use wpasupplicant when it comes to connecting to wireless networks.

Debian has a tool to make controlling wpasupplicant a little easier.

Should 'sudo apt-get purge network-manager' come before or after doing this?

And wouldn't apt take care of the init scripts then?

The reason why that happened is because after wpa_supplicant has established an encrypted connection, it will then again call ifup, and requests it to map the physical interface 'wlan0' onto some other logical interface, which in most cases is named 'default'.

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