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This task must be handled directly through the computer or motherboard manufacturer.See the motherboard drivers section for a listing of computer motherboard manufacturer driver and BIOS update pages or our support section for computer manufacturers.If you bought a computer from Dell, HP, etc, you normally just have to download an EXE file and run it to flash the BIOS.

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You can confirm this by right clicking on the drive under computer and clicking properties.

Ensure that your flash drive is formatted as FAT32.

It’s a myth that BIOS updates somehow make your computer faster or run better.

In some rare instances, a BIOS update can fix a motherboard issue that might make your computer perform better, but it’s usually not related to speed.

This page is a reference point and a help section regarding BIOS updates.

Computer Hope cannot and will not provide users with BIOS updates.

Each motherboard model requires its own BIOS version and this is where the problems can occur.

Note that the PC manufacturer remedies some of these problems for you.

These fixes can include, but are not limited to, the below corrections.

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