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It is a sad truth universally acknowledged that if a female actor has been the victim of sexist criticism about how she looks, then it is almost impossible to critique her performance without sounding like one is joining the misogynist fray.

And yet, it has to be said, that Zellweger is by some distance the weakest core component of the film.

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That leaves Bridget, who split up with the love of her life Mark Darcy (Colin Firth) some five years ago for reasons only vaguely explained (he worked too much; she felt lonely).

Now she’s lost in the singleton wilderness (again) with only pals half a generation younger than herself to hang with, like newscaster Miranda (Sarah Solemani), a thirtysomething who considers getting laid no more of a big deal than having her moustache waxed.

Bridget, Jack and Mark eventually form a mildly risqué, sexually chaste as they await the birth which, like so many movie births before it, features farcical shenanigans that delay arrival at the hospital, a woman in pain taking it out on the man — or in this case men — she holds responsible and a newborn that looks about two months too old to convince anybody who’s ever really been through the experience.

It’s funnier than One feels reluctant to lay too much blame on co-screenwriters Fielding, Dan Mazer and Thompson herself, especially as the last two have won their stripes with some fine work in the past, Mazer with collaborations with Sacha Baron Cohen (although tellingly not the disastrous In any case, she is easily the most valuable player here, a sheer delight armed with an arsenal of arched eyebrows, clipped diction and millimeter-perfect comic timing — so much so she utterly steals the show out from under the supposed star, Zellweger.

Slightly ashamed of herself, Bridget flits the next morning before she finds out he’s a billionaire mathematician who owns a hugely successful dating website.

Nevertheless, about 10 days later she falls into bed with her ex, Mark, now split from his shadowy wife and sentimental about the good times they used to have.

Her co-stars squirm and mug it up and try to fill the vacuum, but it’s no good.

This is a city where you can have the time of your life… Everyone is on vacation, and the sexual energy is palpable — and infectious. Stay: Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas Super-slick rooms, top-tier restaurants, and world-class nightlife… The hotel's cabana suites aren't cheap, but they come with three stories of prime places to get down, including a private rooftop sundeck with hot tub overlooking the Strip. Also: Encore How could "Naked City" not make this list?

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The city attracts an eclectic array of beautiful bodies, and the nightlife is hard to beat.

looms not far on the horizon — both stories about young women embracing excess and partying hard — Bridget Jones’s idea of a wild time is still a bottle of Chardonnay necked solo, about as debauched as a vicarage tea party.

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